A Lifelong Financial Partner

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When it comes to building your financial wealth and providing for your family and future generations, the appointment of a trusted and professional financial advisor becomes the most critical decision ever to be made.

A professional financial advisor plays a key role in the financial planning process and will assist you in the development of a personalised lifestyle plan, ultimately ensuring that sufficient wealth is created and preserved to meet your current and future lifestyle objectives.

Adviceworx only partners with professional financial advisors who are motivated by the quality of advice they provide. We only employ experienced and duly accredited advisors that have as a minimum met the regulatory FAIS "fit and proper" standards and who have passed our rigorous internal evaluation criteria.

Owner-Managed Business Principles

As an owner-managed and independent business, the entire Adviceworx team including financial planning partners share in the success of Adviceworx

Our carefully selected team is highly experienced, all with extensive and successful track records in wealth and investment management, financial planning, advisory practices and the design of financial planning solutions.

Adviceworx only partners with pace-setting, dynamic professionals. We look for individuals with entrepreneurial flair, those seeking professional regard and people who are ready to embrace our partnership principles, culture and business ethos.

Adviceworx Central Business Services Team

Ian van Schoor
Chief Executive Officer

Ian brings a unique set of skills and experience to Adviceworx. He had been intricately involved in the strategy channels in financial services (Embedded, Direct, Affinities, Intermediated, Branch, Mobiles, Institutional, Agency, Franchise and Broker) and understands the landscape.  He had spent half his working life building new businesses and has a fundamental understanding of the key risks and success variables required to realise targeted return objectives.  Ian has taken the leap from corporate life to entrepreneur and has the credentials to make Adviceworx an exciting, energised and vibrant place to work.

Seipati Ntsimane
Chief Financial Officer

Seipati joined the Adviceworx Partnership as one of the founding partners, and Chief Financial Officer, in February 2013.  She brings invaluable experience to Adviceworx – her ability to significantly impact business growth through the appropriate allocation and management of resources, her exceptional work ethic and her excellent track record for sound commercial decision-making position Adviceworx for commercial success.

Mike Galloway
Chief Operating Officer

Mike joined the Adviceworx Partnership as one of the founding partners in February 2013 as Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director on the Board of Adviceworx.  Mike brings irreplaceable experience to Adviceworx and as the COO of the business, his intimate knowledge of the operational requirements enabled through technology, blended with his fundamental understanding of the Sales, Advice and Distribution landscape, position Adviceworx with the capability to deliver results.

Aileen Campbell
Chief Investments Officer

Aileen joined Adviceworx in September 2014 and she brings with her 15 years of experience in wealth and asset management.  Aileen’s deep-seated knowledge and experience in modern portfolio theory and investment process in both the segregated investment disciplines as well as collective investment schemes is a critical skill for Adviceworx.  This combined with her knowledge and understanding of distribution channels, advisory models and product lines creates the foundation for the investment business.

Ryno de Kock
Executive: Sales

Ryno joined the Adviceworx Partnership in August 2013.  His exceptional experience in the management of sales teams, his deep seated understanding of the advisory process, his ability to build sustainable relationships and his entrepreneurial spirit, will stand him in good stead in his role as Sales Executive of Adviceworx.

Marjorie van den Heever
Executive: HR & Marketing

Marjorie joined the Adviceworx partnership in May 2013.  She has extensive experience in the Marketing, Brand and Communications disciplines and plays a key role in the establishment of the Adviceworx brand.  In addition, she has an exceptional ability to build strong relationships with people, a skill that assists her greatly in her role as Head of Human Resources.  She is driven and decisive, passionate about people and an executor of note.

Simon Sayer
Executive: Sales

Simon formally joined the Adviceworx business in May 2013 after being a member of the founding Adviceworx team from the outset in 2012. This was achieved through the association of his financial services businesses (Cornerstone Wealth Management and Strategic Wealth Solutions) with the Adviceworx partnership. Simon brings a natural sales and entrepreneurial flair to Adviceworx. He truly understands the daily trials and tribulations confronting financial advisors and has a bent for finding solutions. He has an exceptional talent for building intermediary relationships, and understands the intermediary landscape as it touches intermediaries every day.

Stuart Porrill
Head of Partner Services

Stuart joined the Adviceworx Partnership in August 2013 as Head of Partner Services. Stuart brings with him a wealth of experience, and as Head of Partner Services of the business his excellent track record for delivery of a range of diverse, technical and challenging project builds, combined with his deep seated understanding of the front-end advisory process, bode well for the future of Adviceworx.

Rhona Schoeman
Head of Operations
and Client Services

Rhona joined the Adviceworx team in August 2013 as Head of Operations and Client Services.  She brings with her extensive financial services experience, particularly in the Operations environment and has successfully managed and led operational and client service teams in the past.  Rhona passionately believes that service can be a true differentiator for a company, and will ensure that Adviceworx offers exceptional service and support to our advisors and clients.